ArKaos MediaMaster Dongle

Code: 1310000154


MediaMaster on the Go? The MediaMaster Dongle gives you the possibility to run your MediaMaster License on any machine you wish. Make sure MediaMaster is installed on the computer in demo mode and when plugging in the MediaMaster Dongle, it automatically activates the license. 


This system gives you the flexibility to activate and deactivate your software products, easily moving your license from one machine to another. An occasional connection to the internet is required to keep the license activated. 


If you want to move your license with you, we offer an optional license dongle. This allows you to instantly activate any prepared machine or even switch live during a show to another machine with our unique hot swapping feature. The software reacts immediately if you plug your license dongle to switch from demo mode to activated mode.

Please be aware; once your license has been moved to the MediaMaster Dongle, it can't move back to a computer or Media Server.