ADJ Fixtures help Studio Artfex Transform Brussels into Garden of Eden for Flowertime Festival

Based in Belgium, Studio Artfex is a lighting and video design agency that focuses on the architectural and entertainment industry. The company has realized many beautiful projects for both B2B and B2G clients. With inhouse expertise in 3D modelling and visualizing, lighting and video programming, and technical production, Studio Artfex offers a complete technical solution to its customers. Combining light, sound, video, lasers, decor, special FX, custom fabrication and stage building, the company is able to deliver a complete and coherent show from any design brief. Well known in Belgium for good reason, Studio Artfex has worked on several remarkable events in the country, which made it an obvious choice to illuminate Flowertime 2019.

Flowertime was organized by the City of Brussels and the Brussels Flower Carpet team with the Floraliën flower festival organisers as Artistic Directors. It brought together a host of internationally renowned florists, who took over the building with their short-lived creations of dazzling colors and heady scents. Flowers from all over the world were on display to the delight of the green-fingered visitors! Each floral artist had their own space where they showed their creations, which were all united by the broad theme of 'flowers and fruits'.

"We had already done quite a lot of productions for Visit Brussels, who organized this event and asked us to work on it with them," states Geoffrey Oelbrandt, Project Manager for Studio Artfex. "Not only did we design this whole show, we also took care of the entire production. For this project we worked with our own in-house equipment, using 32 ADJ Saber Spot WW and 24 ADJ Saber Bar 6 fixtures."

The Saber Spot WW is a compact pinspot that utilizes a 15W warm white LED light source. It is fitted with a built-in ACL lens that produces a razor-sharp 4-degree beam angle but is also supplied with two interchangeable frost filters (10-degree and 45-degree), which can be used to diffuse the beam if required. The lightweight unit features an integral scissor yoke than can be used either as a variable-angle hanging bracket or floor stand. The Saber Bar 6 combines six of these useful pinspots on a 1-metre linear base with one common set of power and DMX connections. Each spot can be independently angled and positioned on the bar allowing spots of light to be aimed in any direction. Both fixtures offer a high CRI, which was particularly important for this application.

"Because this event featured international florists, who are used to having their own lighting designers, it was important to use a high quality of light and let the original colors of the flowers shine," explains Geoffrey. "The WW versions of the Saber Spot have a high CRI and this allowed us the opportunity to create a realistic image of the flowers' color palette. The limited power supply in the city hall of Brussels was another consideration that led us to opt for energy efficient LED fixtures. The different types of frost filters supplied with the Saber Spots also allowed us to alter the spread depending on the space and the object to be illuminated. The results were amazing and the artists were all very happy with our work."

In addition to the significant number of Saber Spot fixtures used to illuminate the flower displays inside the building, Studio Artfex also deployed 24 ADJ 12P HEX IP LED par fixtures to light the outside of the building as well as the entrance corridor. Each of these heavy duty pars feature 12 x 12-Watt RGBAW+UV LEDs with a 30-degree beam angle, housed in an all-metal IP65-rated shell, making them ideal for production and rental applications both indoor and out. These were complimented by 12 ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP units, which Studio Artfex had recently added to their inventory. Each incorporating 32 x 12-Watt RGBAW+UV LEDs, grouped into 8 individually-controllable sections, these multi-functional wash / blinder / strobe fixtures offer lighting designers plenty of creative potential. For Flowertime 2019 they were utilized to enhance the swathes of red flowers hanging from an arched tunnel in the large market place outside the city hall, which served as the entrance to the event.

"We were really happy with the ADJ fixtures we used," confirms Geoffrey. "When we work on a project, we always look at the purpose of the production and what fixtures we can use to get the best results possible. We only work with quality products and ADJ has quality products for a very good price. Their price / quality ratio is perfect. This I can also say about their customer service. The sales employees of ADJ are very service-oriented and always give me their honest opinion. I can sense when someone is sincere and Pierre and Michael both are. They often send me new fixtures to test and help me when I have questions or issues."

Flowertime 2019 proved to be a huge success, both for the organizers, individual designers and crowds of visitors. Since then, of course, the landscape in the entertainment technology industry has completely changed, which has effected Studio Artfex, as it has design and production companies all over the world.

However, Geoffrey remains positive: "For the near future it is all a bit insecure. It is no secret that COVID-19 changed our whole industry. Besides a few small TV productions, the agenda stays empty. We don't know how everything will evolve but we do know that you should always be creative, flexible and innovative in situations like this. I don't like to complain and always search for solutions. When you are a technician you must be flexible; on sets or events they always ask you to help with other technical issues and me and my team like to be service-oriented. This is an advantage we have, and we should use it. With no events being held, this is the time to gain new knowledge, evolve and move on to other things. I'm staying positive and I think we all should have that mindset."


Flowertime 2019

Brussels City Hall

Production Company
Studio Artfex

Project Manager

Geoffrey Oelbrandt


Gear List
32 x Saber Spot WW
24 x Saber Bar 6
12 x 32 HEX Panel IP
24 x 12P HEX IP