WiFly NE1 Battery

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No matter what your knowledge of DMX is, ADJ’s new WiFLY NE1 Battery controller combines a user-intuitive interface with built-in WiFLY to provide a wireless DMX solution that’s revolutionary in its simplicity. Plus, now with a built-in battery, you can run your entire lightshow wirelessly!

The WiFLY NE1 Battery from ADJ is the DMX controller you’ve been waiting for; a real game changer and the most universally-accessible ever. Offering you a versatile DMX control solution, the WiFLY NE1 Battery is equipped with a built-in FX generator, for both LED and Moving Lights, and WiFLY transmitter, making it compatible with a range of fixtures from ADJ’s WiFLY series. Along with wireless DMX transmission, the WiFLY NE1 also has a 3-pin DMX output for fixtures without wireless DMX. The built-in battery lasts up to 10 hours.

There’s a reason ADJ named this user-friendly controller the WiFLY NE1 Battery, and that’s because it really can be used by just about “anyone” – no matter what your level of experience or knowledge of the DMX protocol. Because the compact controller simplifies each element, giving you the features of a larger, more powerful controller laid out in a convenient, user-intuitive way, a basic grasp of DMX is all that you need. With no sub-menus to complicate things, you can click the setting you want to adjust – with buttons for fixture, color, gobo, effect, show and pause – and change it using the on-board dials and numbered buttons. So, you can easily select between 1 and 12 fixtures, as well the pan/tilt settings, color settings and effect settings for each. With independent faders and buttons for the strobe effects and master dimmer, you also have easily accessible control over these atmosphere-enhancing features, allowing you to create more pure lighting excitement from behind the desk.

You’ll find that setup is simple too. Fitted with a blue-backlit LED screen, the WiFLY NE1 Battery lets you select the lights you’re using from its fixture library, which includes an expansive list of popular ADJ products. You can also create profiles within the library with our NE1 Profile creator program; adding your own fixture profiles and data using the controller’s universal USB port.

As well as offering this extensive profile library, ADJ has equipped the WiFLY NE1Battery  with a built-in FX generator, which lets you choose from a plethora of movements for moving lights and LED chase effects, saving you the hassle and complication of creating your own. Whether you want to produce eye-catching color changing effects from your RGB par cans or program your moving lights to follow energetic patterns of movement, the WiFLY NE1Battery lets you do so with unprecedented ease.

While the WiFLY NE1 Battery is incredibly easy to operate, it's versatility really comes from the built-in WiFLY, which enables you to control as many as 12 individual WiFLY-compatible ADJ fixtures using wireless DMX. This means you can increase the scope of your wireless setup, while still enjoying access to the simple but effective DMX operation offered by the unit’s user-friendly layout. For those of you that also want control over your non-WiFLY units, the WiFLY NE1 Battery comes fitted with a standard 3-pin DMX output.

If you’re a mobile DJ or entertainer on the move, the WiFLY NE1 Battery controller really lets you take your lighting system to the next level, not only allowing you to do more with your dance-floor but giving you exciting creative options for the first dance, cake cutting and evening reception at events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays and other special occasions. On the other hand, if you’re the owner of a small club or venue, using the WiFLY NE1 Battery means that you can act independently, without having to rely on a lighting designer, thanks to its user-friendly layout. No matter who you are, with the WiFLY NE1 Battery at your fingertips you don’t need ‘big desk’ knowledge to get creative or achieve professional results.

Putting the creativity of DMX in the hands of anyone who wants it, the WiFLY NE1 is an inexpensive but game-changing product in the world of professional lighting. It promises to provide you with the ultimate user-intuitive DMX control solution, free from the complexities of bigger, more powerful desks but offering the same incredible control.

Furthermore, with built-in WiFLY, the controller is compatible with a range of wireless ADJ fixtures, allowing you to further the scope of your wireless setup to create pure lighting excitement for your audiences, while offering simple but effective DMX operation.


- 432 kanálový DMX ovladač s vestavěným bezdrátovým DMX transceiverem ADJ WiFLY  (lze také propojit 3pinovým DMX kabelem)
- Navrženo pro řadu Inno Series a RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA a RGBWA+UV LED tělesa, lze ovšem použít k ovládání většiny DMX produktů, které mají 36 a méně kanálů
- Vestavěný generátor efektů pro pohyblivá světla a LED
- Dokáže ovládat až 12 samostatných těles
- 12 pamětí ve 2 bankách
- 4 otočné enkodéry pro ovládání kanálu a funkce
- Ovládání hlavního stmívače faderem
- Ovládání rychlosti stroba faderem- 6 tlačítek režimu (těleso, barva, gobo, efekt, show a pauza)
- 12 multifunkčních tlačítek
- Tlačítko Blackout  
- Univerzální port USB (paměťové zařízení USB přiloženo)
- Napájení AC nebo DC
- Úsporný režim
- Odstranitelná/vyměnitelná baterie
- Výdrž baterie až 10 hod.
- Doba nabíjení baterie: 4 hodiny
- Baterie: 11,1 V, 2,2 Ah 

Technické parametry:
- Konektor DMX výstupu: 3pinový XLR
- Napájení: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (napájecí šňůra IEC součástí)
- Příkon: 8,1 W
- Rozměry: 325 x 185 x 80 mm
- Hmotnost: 2,9 kg

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