At Halloween, atmosphere is everything!

Key to the success of any Halloween experience, whether a semi-permanent installation at a theme park or haunted attraction, or a one-off socially-distanced party or event, is creating the right atmosphere. Even the ‘most spooky’ of settings can be further enhanced by lighting and atmospheric effects, while a run of the mill event venue can be transformed into a space of foreboding through their creative use. ADJ’s range features a wide variety of professional lighting fixtures and effect generators, offering an unbeatable combination of quality, reliability and affordability, that are perfect for Halloween projects of all shapes and sizes.

Black light has long been an essential part of Halloween installations and events, and remains a key element for modern designs. However, it is no longer necessary to rely on fragile UV tubes, as LED technology now offers a more robust, reliable and long-lasting alternative that is just as effective. The ADJ Eco UV Bar DMX is an ultraviolet bar fixture featuring 18 x 3W UV LEDs and two flexible mounting brackets that are adjustable, making it easy to install permanently to a wall or ceiling, or temporarily by attaching clamps for truss or a lighting bar. It is fitted with a simple on/off switch on the rear panel, but is also supplied with an ADJ UC IR infrared wireless remote which gives additional control over strobing and dimming capabilities. The redesigned ECO UV BAR DMX offers the hassle free use of LED and the user control of DMX-512. The unit also has IEC connection input and output pigtails that allow the power for up to 10 fixtures to be daisy-chained together making for easier and neater installation and cable management.

In the past, when far-reaching washes of black light were required, UV cannons were used to blast UV light over large distances and wide areas, however these employed lamps that were also very fragile and therefore unreliable. As a modern alternative, ADJ offers the Encore Burst UV IP. Featuring a rugged metal housing, this potent fixture makes use of a powerful 50W ultraviolet C.O.B LED with a wavelength of 365nm and a beam angle of 50-degrees to generate a high intensity directional black light effect. In addition to simple on/off use, the fixture can be controlled via DMX allowing for advanced dimming and strobing control as well as integration into a larger light show or attraction control system. The fixture also has an IP65 rating, making it safe and reliable to use outdoors in any weather.

Strobe lighting is another staple Halloween effect. Quick and intense flashes of white light are the perfect way to simulate lightning strikes, which are synonymous with haunted houses and spooky graveyard scenes. ADJ’s multipurpose Jolt 300 lighting fixture not only features a central strip of bright white strobe LEDs but also offers two strips of RGB color mixing LEDs divided into three independently-controllable zones. This means that in addition to white strobe effects, the unit can be used for blinder, color strobe and color wash duties. For a Halloween display, the unit could be used to wash scenery and props in a variety of eerie colors and then add in bright flashes of white light for those bone-chilling lightning strikes.

Another essential for creating spooky spaces is the use of atmospheric fog effects. ADJ’s Fog Fury Jett adds another dimension to this by integrating LEDs around the output nozzle, allowing the fog to be colored as it is projected from the unit to create a wide variety of impressive effects including fire and ice blasts. With new advances in ADJ’s heater technology, the unit produces a dry even blast of fog that can project over a distance of up to 25 feet (7 meters), while a special heating element design that uses an oil-type transmission throughout the pipeline prevents clogging. It features 12 x 3-Watt RGBA LEDs, which can be used to illuminate the fog in a wide spectrum of colors, while it’s unique fluid tank design allows the unit to be mounted in any orientation. This allows for fog blasts pointing straight up, straight down or projecting from the side.

While regular fog effects are essential for any Halloween project, there’s nothing more spooky than the ground-clinging clouds created by a low-lying fog machine utilizing dry ice. Up until recently, working with theatrical dry ice has been awkward and imprecise, as the ‘machines’ used for creating the effect involved a manual lever for lowering a bucket of dry ice into a tank of hot water to trigger the effect. The two drawbacks of this were that an operator was required to stand with the unit to trigger the effect and, since the dry ice and water were not isolated from each other, some of the effect began to exit the machine from the moment the dry ice was loaded.  However, ADJ’s new Entour Ice addresses both of these issues using a unique new system that involves a motorized pump transferring hot water from a completely isolated tank over to the dry ice chamber on cue. This means that the dry ice can be loaded hours in advance and then the effect can be triggered remotely via DMX without the need for an operator to be close to the unit.

Of course, not all events or productions have the budget to use dry ice and in some areas the logistics of acquiring and storing it can be awkward. As a solution to both of these problems, ADJ also offers the Entour Chill, a lower cost alternative that uses standard water-based Kool Fog juice and ice cubes to generate a low-lying fog effect. A newly-developed 800W heater system allows for continuous output for up to an hour, while sophisticated new electronic temperature control lets the machine heat up in 3 minutes and stay at optimum temperature ready for immediate firing of the effect when it is required. Featuring an intuitive menu system accessed via a backlit 16-character LCD display, the Entour Chill is easy to setup for DMX control, remote control, timed intermittent operation or immediate continuous output.

Another Halloween essential is GOBO projection. Whether it be abstract background patterns or ghostly apparitions, custom GOBOs can create features out of any wall, floor or ceiling. ADJ’s Ikon IR is a powerful yet compact GOBO projector that is ideal for projects that call for an unobtrusive fixture that generates a potent output. Its extremely bright 80W (7500K) white LED light source and precision optics generate crisp projections from any 54mm metal GOBO pattern. It features dimmer and rotation controls on its back panel and also comes with three interchangeable lenses that produce different beam angles (25, 32 or 43 degrees) making it versatile for a wide variety of applications.

When it comes to Halloween projects, atmosphere is everything. Let ADJ help you create the perfect atmosphere this year with powerful, reliable and effective lighting fixtures and atmospheric effects suitable for Halloween installations and events, both big and small.