Accu Fog 1000

  • This item is not available any more in our regular sales catalogue.

Code: 1421200005



- 1,000 Watt DMX-512 moving head fog machine with high output
- Thermal cut-off mechanism: Auto shutdown feature protects pump system when fog fluid gets too low
- Built-in timer controls when using DMX of duration and intervals
- RDMX Remote DMX addressing
- Operate standing up or up-side-down
- 4-Button menu system, makes it easy to navigate(Change DMX values remotely from any DMX console)
- Output: 280m³ per minute
- Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS): no warm-up time between fog blasts
- Control via DMX: Pan, Tilt, Auto Programs, Continuous Fog, Interval of Fog & Duration of Fog
- 3 operation modes: 5 DMX channels, 7 DMX channels or Auto programs triggered by sound activation
- Auto X-Y repositioning
- 360-degree Pan / 265-degree Tilt (8-bit)
- Tank: 1 liter removable, rotating tank holder
- 1-gallon fog fluid container holder (optional)
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 442 x 345 x 295 mm
- Weight: 13 kgs.

Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!