Audio Genie PRO - USB Audio interface

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The American Audio Genie Pro is a great way to convert any analog signal into digital files without the use of a soundcard. This easy-to-use audio interface connects directly to your PC by it`s USB connection. Supports 48/ 44.1 Khz sampling rate for both playback & recording.Record audio with your computers built-in audio recorder or your favorite audio production software. (RCA cables not included)

Import audio using these programs (plus others)
Windows: MME, Audition
Macintosh: Garage Band, IMovieAudio Hijack Pro, Sound Studio, Sound Manager (OS9)

- Signal and peak LED indicators
- Built-in low noise phono preamp circuit
- Frequency Response: 10Hz-20Khz, +/-.5dB
- THD: 0.01% Typical @ 1KHz
- Hum & Noise: >89dB below clipping
- Maximum Input Level: 40mVrms @ 1 Khz (phono), +19dBu (line)
- Analog Output Connections: RCA (preamp line output), 1/8” Mini-Jack (USB monitor/headphone output)
- A/D & D/A: 16 bit, 44.1Khz or 48Khz USB selectable
- Computer Interface: USB 2.0 compliant, Windows 98, XP/ Mac OS9.1 & X 10.1 or newer
- Microsoft Vista Premium Level Compliant
- RCA und USB cables not included
- For fitting cables look at X-sell
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 113 x 73 x 40mm
- Weight:  0.22 kg

*The recording time is limited only by your available hard drive space, also file formats vary depending on OS.