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The DV2 USB is a ground breaking 2-channel preamp Midi mixer with built-in 4x4 Sound Card so DJs can play and mix music from their favorite computer software, yet still have the hands-on hardware control from a compact, 2-channel mixer. Plus, with a built-in Sound Card DJs can start mixing right away without having to purchase extra equipment.

All the features found on the DV2 USB were intuitvely designed for the most experience DJs by fellow DJs. Features such as; Balanced Outputs, Long-life Optical Fader, Rotary Kills, and Reverable Crossfader and channel Faders with adjustable curve.The crossfader was factory tested for over 1 million crossfades back-and-forth and never quit working!

- 2 Phono, 2 Lines, 2 Aux & 1 Microphone input
- Balanced Outputs
- Midi Input to control “Midi Learn” software
- Built-in 4x4 Sound Card
- Fader “Q” Start
- Long-life Optical Fader (Crossfader)
- Cross Fader curve knob (short to long crossfade) with reverse crossfade button
- Independent curve for channals 1 & 2  (short to long curve) with reverse button
- 3-Band Rotary EQ with push Kills
- DJ Mic with Volume + 2-Band EQ (Treble & Bass)
- Talkover button (-15dB)
- Multi-voltage operation: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz- IEC socket
- Power Draw: 9W max
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 311x254x82.5mm
- Weight:  3 kg