Emerald Scan

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Green Beams For “Beans”
American DJ’s New Emerald Scan Burns Through
Price Barrier In Green Laser Scanners

Want to add a cutting-edge green laser scanner to your club or act, but don’t want to get burned by the high price tag of these hot new effects?  Now you don’t have to, because American DJ has just introduced the Emerald Scan -- a green laser scanner that won’t put you in the red.

A 4.9mW DMX-compatible green laser scanner, the Emerald Scan combines the excitement of blazing green laser beams with X/Y mirror scanner movement, for the very latest in dramatic high-tech lighting effects. With a very competitive price it puts advanced green laser scanner technology within reach of virtually any club, DJ or musical act. 

“Green laser scanners are one of the hottest things in special effects today, but until now they’ve been quite expensive,” said Jos Reulen, Sales Manager for American DJ Europe.  “The Emerald Scan represents an incredible price breakthrough in green laser scanners. It costs about half – or less – of what you’d expect to pay for this new, and very much in demand, lighting technology.

With the Emerald Scan, it’s easy to create a room-encompassing light show made up of razor-sharp green laser beams and patterns. The scanner comes with 13 eye-popping geometric patterns, as well as three built-in selectable light shows. You can control the laser patterns and X/Y mirror movement with any standard DMX controller.

The Emerald Scan can also be operated as a stand-alone effect in sound-active mode without a controller, moving to the beat of the music via its internal programs. Users can cut to blackout mode at the flick of a button with American DJs Mini/C blackout controller (sold separately), which is fully compatible with the Emerald Scan.   For coverage of larger areas, multiple Emerald Scan units can be linked together master-slave via XLR cable to produce a synchronized light show.

User convenience is another feature that American DJ has built into the Emerald Scan. The fixture is equipped with a high-velocity fan that keeps it cool enough to run all night continuously, eliminating bothersome duty cycles. It also comes with circuit breaker protection, so there’s never any need to change fuses.

Featuring an attractive high-tech case design, the Emerald Scan is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for portable use.  It measures 14,0 cm L x 20,3 cm W x 40,6 cmH and weighs just 3,2 kg.

The Emerald Scan comes with a 4.9mW class IIa green laser diode (532nm wavelength).

technical features:

- 4.9mW DMX green laser scanner with X/Y mirror movement
- Control X/Y mirror and laser patterns with any DMX controller
- 2 selectable built-in light shows
- 13 geometric patterns
- Sound active mode
- Run all night - high velocity fan keeps the unit cool all night: no duty cycle
- Compact/light weight high-tech case design ¬- very portable
- Circuit breaker protection - no need to change fuses
- Compatible with Mini/C controller for black out mode (sold separately)
- Create a synchronized light show with other Emerald Scans via XLR cable
- Operational modes: Sound active or Master/slave
- Laser Diode: 4.9mW green, class IIa (532nm wavelength)
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.5” x 8” x 16” / 140x203x406.5 mm
- Weight: 7 lbs. / 3 kgs.