Fog Fury 1000 II

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The ADJ Fog Fury 1000 II  is a 650W compact, high output fog machine with new advances in technology. It has a special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission throughout the pipeline to prevent clogging. It is also equipped with a high performance pump system for optimum output.

The Fog Fury 1000 II also has convenient features such as a visible fog fluid level built-in to the rear of the unit to see how much fluid is in the tank, and a LED heating indicator system that changes colors depending on whether the fogger is heating up or ready to use.

This fogger produces 3500 cubic feet of fog per minute, has a built-in internal tank with a .9 Liter capacity, and has a 4 minute warm-up time. This machine uses water-based fog fluid only.


- 650W compact, high output Fog Machine
- Visible fog fluid level indicator on rear
- High performance pump for optimum output
- Special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission pipeline system to minimize the possibility clogging
- LED heating indicator system in tank: Red = Heating; Green = Ready to use
- Fog Output: 3500 (cu.ft/min)
- Warm-up time: 4 min.
- Internal fog fluid tank: 0.9 Liter
- Single yoke to mount on a wall or from trussing bracket
- Includes On/Off hardwired remote control with 9ft./3M cable
- Heater: 650W
- Power Consumption: 700W max
- Power: AC 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz  (non switching)
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 184 x 99 x 61mm
- Weight: 2.95 kg.
- Only use high quality, water-based fog fluid

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