Fogstorm 1200HD - 1200W fog machine

  • This item is not available any more in our regular sales catalogue.

Code: 1421200002



- 1,200W High output professional fog machine
- Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS): electronic heater stays hot at all times with short warm-up times between fog blasts
- Advanced heater system - Large copper tube prevents clogging
- Advanced Cut-Off system warns (with LED indicator) when fluid level is low and stops pumping when fluid has reached the minimum level
- 7,5m cable remote
- External fog control switch
- 200m³ per minute fog output
- Warm up time: 8 minutes
- 2.5 Liter removable fog fluid tank
- Dimensions: 300x220x160mm
- Weight: 5,4kg

Attention: please read the FS-DMXT manual for the DMX Values and Fog Output Intervals. Please download the FS-DMXT manual

Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!