Media Operator

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The American Audio, Media Operator is a fast, simple and reliable all-in-one MP3 media player designed for permanent installation where easy control of music is a must (ie. restaurants, fitness studios, retail locations, etc.) - great for mobile entertainers, too. The Media Operator offers digital playback from SD cards or USB sticks/drives.

The Media Operator includes full MP3 playback control as well as a microphone input (XLR/1/4” combo), master volume control and two line out options. Plug the unit directly into powered speakers or an amplifier through the balanced XLR outs, or go to a preamp mixer from it`s RCA outputs.



- One USB 1.0 and one SD card* slot for full functioning MP3 player
- Full playback control similar to most Pro CD players
- Folder & Track Search knobs
- Auto BPM
- Seamless Loop
- Easy-to-use
- Tempo Lock
- Pitch Control (+/-4%, +/-8% or +/-16%)
- Pitch Adjust knob
- Pitch Bend
- Advanced cueing with track search by frame 
- Bright LCD display
- Master volume control
- Microphone input (XLR/1/4” combo) with mic volume control
- Repeat mode
- Single/Continue, Time viewing and MP3 track listings
- Up to 1000 MP3 songs on a 1G SD card** (MP3 recorded at 128 bit rate)**
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 482 x 139 x 43 mm - 1 rack space
- Weight: 1.6 Kgs,

The Media Operator supports every hard drive which is FAT32 formatted and has an own power supply. Hard disks without an external power supply are not supported.

Please be aware of the correct connecting sequence when you use your Media Operator with an external hard drive. The USB connection must be set first. After that you can turn on your external hard disk.

The Media Operator supports SD- as well as SDHC-Cards and every standard USB-Stick.

In order to show the ID3-tags correctly, we recommend to tag your mp3 files according to the ISO-8859-1 standard.