Mega Pixel Arch

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The American DJ Mega Pixel Arch is a unique color chasing arch that can be used alone or in conjunction with the Mega Pixel LED.  Mega Pixel Arch instantly adds energy to any application. For the biggest impact, DJs, night clubs and bands should link Mega Pixel Arch and Mega Pixel LED units together to create circles, waves and unique looking LED light show solutions. The Mega Pixel Arch built-in color chase, strobe and color mixing programs.

- LED Arch used in conjunction with the American DJ Mega Pixel LED - Creates a stunning LED light show with when multiple Mega Pixel Arch and Mega Pixel LED units are used together
- Bright Red, Green and Blue LED banks of color chase, strobe and mix colors
- circle diameter (4 pieces needed): inner diameter ~ 85cm, outer diameter ~ 100cm
- 288 LEDs (96 Red, 96 Green, & 96 Blue LEDs)
- 7 DMX Channel Modes: 3,4,7,10, 16, 24 or 28 channel modes
- Color strobe effect (fast to slow)
- Color mix effect (fast to slow)
- LED chase speeds (fast to slow)
- Electronic Dimming 0 - 100%: Control Red, Green & Blue LEDs independently
- Linkable via 3-pin XLR cable
- 1/4-inch input jack for optional American DJ UC3 easy controller (not included)
- 4-button LED display on rear panel
- AC outlet on rear to daisy chain power
- Includes mounting brackets
- circle of 4 Mega Pixel Arch has a diameter of 100cm
- Power Draw: 31W
- Multi-voltage operation: AC 120-240V / 50~60Hz
- Dimensions without bracket (LxWxH): 711x195x143mm
- Weight: 4,8 kg

LED Advantages:
- Long life (Rated at 100,000 hrs.)
- Low power consumption
- Very low heat output
- Run all night
- RGB color mixing & Color Chasing
- Colors won`t fade in time
- Great effect with or without fog