MX-1400 DSP

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Code: 1122000001



- 4-channel, 14-inch professional mixer
- 3 Phono, 4 Lines, 4 Aux, 3 Mics (assign to any channel)
- FX with Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger,Manual Filter, Auto Filter, Reverb, Trans & Pitch Shifter
- Assign FX to any Mic or channel input
- Parameter Time & Depth adjustment
- Master & Cue BPM analyser
- Master trim output adjustment on rear
- Microphone attenuator on rear panel
- Balanced XLR outputs
- Booth output (XLR) with Assign, Volume, Treble & Bass adjustment
- Crossfader assign on each channel
- Crossfader curve
- Treble, Mid, Bass, Gain and Cue control for each channel
- Treble, Mid, Bass, Mute and Talkover for each channel
- Master Volume with Balance (Left/Right) and Mono/Stereo control
- Convenient auxiliary RCA input on face of mixer
- Stream Flow LED indicators for each channel and master channel
- Superior mic circuitry and longer lasting line faders
- Q-Start
- Recessed back panel
- Digital output (S/PDIF)
- Multi-voltage switch
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 356x318x83mm (14")
- Weight: 7 kgs.