Par 56 CDM 150 long polished

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Code: 1226100073


- 150W CDM lamp
- Stunning lifetime of lamp
- High quality reflector
- Normal PAR 56 long housing
- Protection grid implemented
- Integrated lamp ballast
- Filterframe included

The PAR 56 CDM 150 is the right choose when you need a long life lamp with constant colors and less UV light and heat. The CDM-T 150 lamp is designed for shops, exhibitions and decoration purposes when a professional "stage" look is needed.
The CDM-T 150 lamp has an amazing efficient light output (14.000lm) and an impressive average lifetime of 8000h.

- Professional CDM PAR can
- Made for CDM-150W lamps
- recommended: PHILIPS CDM-T 150/830 G12 3000K (not included)
- CDM lamps produce warm light
- high efficiency of lamp
- very long lifetime of lamps
- glass protection against UV
- delivery incl. filter frame
- made for shops, exhibitions, theatre, rental
- power supply: 230V/50Hz
- power draw: max 190W
- dimensions: 390x250x215mm
- weight: 4,2kg