PH MSD Platinum 2R

Code: 1242210059


New high-end reflector lamp for DJ/club lighting.

Most top clubs want powerful intense lighting from
compact moving heads.
The new Philips MSD Platinum 2 R is a powerful high-end reflector
lamp and is ideal for scanners and fast-moving effect lights. ADJ has already started implementing this lamp in
entertainment fixtures successfully.

Amazing characteristics
With a short arc of only 0.9 mm, the new Philips MSD Platinum
2 R produces a sparkling, bright light that eliminates shadows and
reproduces brilliant and vivid colors. Being the most compact
reflector lamp system available today means that small, lightweight
fixtures can be developed, offering more design possibilities.
The high precision reflector and innovative burner-filling result in
a bright and efficient light beam: the light output is equivalent to a
MSD lamp of 300W, yet energy consumption is halved. Moreover,
these benefits can be enjoyed over the 6,000 hours lifetime of the
lamp system, which is twice as long as of other MSD lamps.

Technical Specifications:
Lamp Wattage: 132W
ARC Size: 0,9mm
Lumen Output: 5150 lm
Colour Temp: 8.000 K
Colour rendering index (CRI): 75
Average lamp life: 6.000 h
Burning Position: Any
Lamp driver code: EUC 132d N/T01