Pixie Strip 30

Code: 1226200061


The PIXIE STRIP 120™ is a 0.5 meter, indoor LED pixel strip featuring (30) tri-color RGB SMD LEDs with a 16.5mm pixel pitch, a refresh rate of 44000Hz for flicker free operation for broadcast TV and FILM applications, and measures 0.5 meter (1.6 feet) in length. Each pixel strip is housed in a lightweight aluminum housing featuring magnetic end caps which allow seamless end-to-end pixel spacing, two integrated adjustable mounting brackets, a safety cable loop, and includes square and rounded frosted lens attachments. 


Easy and versatile control options are handled by the Pixie Driver 2000™ (sold separately) which provides simple on-board programs, manual dimming and strobe control as well as full pixel mapping control of 2,040 max pixels via Kling-Net and 340 max pixels via Art-Net and sACN (streaming ACN) protocols. Power and data are supplied via proprietary, 4pin combo cables (sold separately) which are available in lengths from 0,3 (1 cable included) to 15m



• 30 SMD RGB 3-in-1 LEDs

• Individual LED Wattage: 0,2W

• PWM: 44kHz



• Viewing Angle : 120 x 120 degrees

• Pixel Pitch: 16,5mm

• 60 pixels/m

• 4 Frost lenses  included (1 white rounded, 1 white square, 1 smoked rounded, 1 smoked square)



• Controlled by Pixie Driver 2000 (code 1226200064) through Klingnet or ArtNet/sACN



• RGB Color Mixing

• Color Resolution : 8-bit per color / 24-bit per pixel



• Extruded Aluminium Metal Housing 

• Magnetic end-caps

• Includes 1 adjustable Hanging bracket



• 24V In/Out

• Max. Power consumption: 6W



• 4-pin proprietary Power/Data In/Out connections


Dimensions & Weight

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 500 x 32 x 67mm

• Weight: 0,7kg.