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Professional scratch DJ, DJ Skilz helped American Audio design this 2-channel, feature packed scratch mixer. The Q-D5MKII features a rugged, long life Optical Fader built to handle the treacherous strain and ware scratch DJs put on crossfaders. The crossfader was factory tested for over 1 million crossfades back-and-forth and never quit working! Other featues include, Rotary Kills, crossfader curve adjustment and balanced XLR outputs.


- 2 Phono, 2 Lines, 2 Aux & 1 Microphone input
- Balanced Outputs
- Fader  Q  Start
- Long-life Optical Fader (Crossfader)
- Cross Fader curve knob (short to long crossfade) with reverse crossfade button
- Independent curve for channals 1 & 2 (short to long curve) with reverse button
- Gain, Treble, Mid & Bass control for each channel
- Rotary Kills for Treble, Mid & Bass
- 100% Cut of Treble, Mid & Bass
- DJ Mic with Volume, Treble and Bass knobs
- Dimensions: 254x311x82.5mm
- Weight: 3 kg.
- 115V/230V switchable voltage selector