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The American Audio SDJ-1 is a revolutionary SD card player that will let you carry your music library around on a SD card the size of a postage stamp.

The dual MP3 file player features 2 integrated SD slots. Each slot takes a SD or SDHC card up to 4GB. Don`t let the card`s small size fool you, each card storing approximately 800 tracks in an explicit quality (5MB/MP3) file. 1600 tracks will be at your fingertips and with each SD card assignable to either player, or both, you can play all night without the need to change a disc!

The compact 19” dual player only uses 2 rack spaces and weighs only 1.8kg! The 2 front loading SD slots make disc loading really simple. No more will you have to use unreliable USB hubs and USB pen drives that you cannot get to or stick out from the front panel.

You won`t need an advanced engineering degree to use the American Audio SDJ-1 either. Using a USB to SD adapter, you can easily transfer music from your computer to the card. Then just plug the card into the SDJ-1`s built-in SD slot and play all night.

In a fraction of a second, the track information such as Title, Artist, Album etc. (ID-tag) are clearly displayed. Selecting your track couldn`t be simpler; the Folder-Search-Function allows the user to search MP3 titles according to categories such as style, alphabetical or genre.

There are many advantages to using SD cards as the medium. SD is fast becoming a standard in the professional audio business. SD cards provide an unbeatable fast reading time, they are inexpensive to buy, totally shockproof (anti shock guaranteed!) and totally maintenance free as they have no moving parts.

There`s no need to change your style of DJing gear while working with the SDJ-1. The SDJ-1 has all the advanced features of modern CD players. You can mix and manipulate tracks the same way you would with a CD or MP3 disc, except for one big difference - you won`t have to carry around any hard drives, laptops, MP3 players or other external devices. . . . just this tiny little card that you can fit between your thumb and forefinger without even breaking into a sweat.

The American Audio SDJ-1 features:


- 2 SD card slots (SD or SDHC Cards up to 4GB each)
- Fully viewable MP3 details
- Full playback control similar to most Pro CD players
- Fast, Simple & Reliable
- Great for Drops
- Fader Q-Start
- Advanced cueing with track search by frame
- Bright LCD display
- Single/Continue, Time viewing and MP3 track listings
- Up to 1000 MP3 songs on a 4G SD card* (4GB SD card not included / MP3 recorded at 128 bit rate)*
- ID-3 tag
- Large clear display
- Seamless loop
- Folder Search
- Auto BPM (beat counter)
- Tempo Lock (Master Tempo)
- Fader Start
- Flip-Flop (Relay-Play)
- Real Time Cueing Cue-on-the-Fly
- Instant Start (10ms)
- Pitch Bend (+/- 4%, 8%, 16%)
- Search by frame
- Time Function
- Dimensions: 482 x 88 x 108 mm (19” / 2RMS)
- Weight: 1.8 kg

So, if you`ve got better things to do than carry around computers, and you`re tired of  laptops with an attitude, check out the American Audio SDJ-1- it`s Easy, Fast, Reliable. The answer to every DJ`s prayers.