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The SP4LED VDE is designed to dim dimmable LED fixtures using a universal DMX controller (sold separately). Up to 128 SP4LEDs may be daisy-chained in one DMX chain. There are 4 VDE mains inputs on the front of the controller to plug your lighting fixtures into.

The SP4LED is great for DJs, night clubs, bowling centers, roller rinks and permanent lighting installations.

The SP4LED can be used in five ways:
- Sound-Active mode - The unit will react to sound, chasing through the built in programs.
- Program Mode - There are 12 programs to choose from.
- Auto Mode - This will run an automatic program
- Manual Dimmer Output mode - Adjust the intensity of all output channels.
- DMX control mode - This function will allow you to control each individual fixtures traits with a standard DMX 512 controller such as as the American DJ® Show Designer™.