Over 50 ADJ Fixtures Enhance Atmosphere At Lavish New Jersey Wedding

An increasing number of mobile DJs across the USA and around the world are enjoying huge success by expanding their businesses to incorporate elements of lighting production. By offering venue-transforming lighting, these entrepreneurial DJs are able to tap into décor, as well as music, budgets, which for many is proving to be very lucrative. A great example is John Kutenits who runs JK Entertainment Mobile DJ Service in New Jersey. He was recently hired to not only DJ but also provide full lighting production for a large wedding party at the exclusive Ashford Estate in Allentown, NJ.

Now a full-time DJ, John started out around ten years ago, in a similar way to many of his peers. A life-long love of music, and the experience of running sound and lighting for high school productions, made mobile DJing seem like an appropriate career choice. Having paid his dues providing music for all kinds of functions during his first few years in the business, Jonathan moved into the wedding market and more recently has been expanding into the area of lighting production.

For this large-scale wedding event, he was approached directly by the couple who had been referred to him by previous happy customers. Obviously, they wanted his expertise as a DJ to fill the dancefloor later in the evening, but they also knew that lighting would help to create the atmosphere for their special day. In particular, asking for spotlighting of the doors to the venue for their grand entrance, as well as for the cake cutting and their first dance as a married couple.

The Ashford Estate is a dedicated wedding venue set within 30 acres of immaculately-maintained grounds. Its grand ballroom is a huge space with a high vaulted-ceiling and ornate features, including towering columns, deeply carved wooden arches, and a circular dancefloor in the center of the room inlaid with a striking compass motif.

To illuminate this vast space and highlight its many detailed architectural features, John turned to the large collection of ADJ lighting that he has put together over the past five years. In fact, John’s entire lighting inventory is made up of ADJ equipment and he was more than happy to tell us why that is, “I love the products and also the service I receive from the ADJ team. I don’t have many issues, but the one time I did have a problem it was taken care of very quickly. Put it this way: I don’t buy anything else!”

For up-lighting at this particular event, John used 25 of ADJ’s 5P HEX par fixtures, positioned to illuminate the striking columns that line every side of the ballroom. Each loaded with five potent 10-watt 6-in-1 hex color LEDs, these versatile pars not only provided the power necessary to drench each pillar in light but also offered the color mixing potential for John to create an eye-catching shade of UV-infused purple.

A unique feature of the ballroom is the pair of alcoves that run down either side of the room, positioned at the top of the columns but below the intricate wood carvings in the arches. John took full advantage of this, positioning sixteen ADJ Ultra Bar 6 LED battens in the alcoves to illuminate the ornate moldings and the roof itself. During dinner, John selected a baby-blue color to punctuate the deep purple pillars which further enhanced the grandeur of the luxurious room.

For spotlight duties, John used a pair of ADJ’s new Focus Spot 3Z LED-powered moving head fixtures, which offer advanced features such as motorized focus, easily replaceable indexed GOBOs, and two rotating prisms. These were backed up by an additional pair of ADJ Inno Spot Pro moving heads, which are also powered by LED. Despite the size of the room, the LED light-sources were extremely effective for spotlighting, on cue, the various special moments that took place throughout the evening. When the open dancing started, John also utilized these fixtures to add further excitement to the dancefloor with movement, color, and GOBO patterns.

Each moving head was mounted on a Global Truss America Totem fitted with a white scrim and illuminated from within using an ADJ Mega TRIPAR Profile. These totems, arranged around John’s DJ booth, were also used to support large-format video screens that displayed – among other things – JK Entertainment’s logo and a custom hashtag for the wedding party. John completed the sleek setup by using 5 additional ADJ Ultra Bar 6 battens to illuminate his DJ façade in colors that matched the rest of the room.

During dinner, the large number of wash lights positioned throughout the room filled the space with the ambient purple and blue atmospheric lighting which really set the mood for the event. However, after the spotlight moments, John switched from static up-lighting to multi-colored chases patterns. This completely transformed the whole ballroom for the dancing portion of the event, injecting it with color and energy to create the perfect setting for the 250 guests to let their hair down on the dancefloor.

To control this large lighting setup, John used the latest version 3.0 of ADJ’s popular DMX software system, myDMX. To save time on the day, he was able to pre-program the color chases and dancefloor effects in advance from home, which meant that only the moving head positions for the spotlight moments had to be programmed once the setup had been completed at the venue.

A potential challenge of such a large venue, with lighting fixtures positioned around every side at two different heights, was getting the DMX signal to everywhere it was needed without running unsightly cables across floors and up walls. John overcame this using ADJ’s WiFLY wireless DMX technology. He used a total of 12 ADJ WiFLY Transceivers to transmit the DMX control signal from his DJ booth out to individual groups of fixtures throughout the room.

Despite the large venue and extensive number of fixtures used, it only took the JK Entertainments team four hours to setup and program the lighting system. This was thanks in part to John’s pre-event prep work using myDMX, but also due to the time saved by replacing long cable runs with WiFLY wireless control.

When we asked John what both the venue management and Bride and Groom thought to the lighting his answer was the same, quite simply, “they loved it!”


Wedding at Ashford Estate
Allentown, New Jersey


Event Company:

John Kutenits
JK Entertainment Mobile DJ Service


ADJ Gear List:
2 x ADJ Focus Spot 3Z
2 x ADJ Inno Spot Pro
25 x ADJ 5P HEX
21 x ADJ Ultra Bar 6
12 x ADJ WiFLY Transceiver
4 x ADJ Mega TRIPAR Profile
4 x Global Truss America Totem Kits
ADJ myDMX 3.0