In The Spotlight: ADJ’s Bright and Feature-Packed new LED-Powered Follow Spot

The FS3000LED utilizes the latest LED technology to produce an exceptionally bright, clear and sharp output. Its 300W white C.O.B. (Chip On Board) LED source has a 6000K color temperature and delivers approximately 8500 lumens of output with a high CRI of 95. The unit's high quality lenses and precision-designed optics make for an even light output that can be adjusted, using the manual focus feature, between a crisp spot and a less-defined 'pool' of light. It features very smooth 0-100% digital dimming, with a choice of modes to suit different applications.

Further adding to its flexibility, the beam angle of the fixture can be manually adjusted between 12 and 32 degrees. This means that it can be used over a short throw distance and still be able to cover an entire person, while also being equally suitable for use over a longer throw distance of up to 60'. In addition, the fixture also offers a manual iris which can be used to reduce the size of the spot even further to achieve 'head only' shots when required.

A dedicated GOBO slot is built into the design of the fixture and it is supplied with a GOBO holder and metal break apart pattern. The fixture is also supplied with an optional boomerang adapter that attaches to the front of the spot. This has four slots that can be loaded with color gels or frost/color-correction filters, which can then easily be slid into the path of the light beam when they are required.

With a solid metal construction, the FS3000LED is a professional lighting instrument suitable for use both in a permanent setting and for touring productions. The fan-cooled fixture weighs in at 26.5lbs. / 12kgs and has external measurements of 33.5" x 12.25" x 7" / 850 x 310 x 180mm. It features a robust variable-angle bracket, which can be used either to hang the fixture from an overhead bar or mount in to a floor-standing tripod. It is also conveniently fitted with a pair of handles on the rear, as well as additional side handles. This means - unlike many follow spots - it can be operated from the rear and also both the righthand and left-hand sides, making it a truly flexible fixture.

This flexibility extends to the numerous ways the instrument can be operated, which can be selected using the full-color touchscreen display located on the rear panel of the unit. For simple standalone operation, the light can be switched on and off directly from the touch screen, with the option to set custom fade-up and fade-down times. Alternatively, manual dimming control can also be accessed via the dedicated knob located on the back of the fixture. The unit is also fitted with an infrared sensor and is compatible with ADJ's UC IR wireless remote. Finally, DMX control is also supported, which means that the dimming can be controlled from an external lighting console to provide perfectly-cued fades in and out, leaving the follow spot operator to concentrate on tracking performers.

The FS3000LED has both 5-pin and 3-pin DMX input and output sockets as well as locking power input and output connections, which can be used to daisy chain power from one fixture to another. It's power supply is compatible with an AC input of 100-240V (50-60Hz), which allows for worldwide operation without the need for modification for different power systems. A USB port is also included on the rear panel of the unit, which can be used to easily load future firmware updates.

"LED follow spots have been available for a few years, but they were either too dim for a reasonably-sized theater, or too expensive for one to purchase," comments Bob Mentele, ADJ's Theatrical Vertical Market Manager. "With the development of this fixture, ADJ has a great solution for any small-to-medium-sized theater, church or other venue that has a need for a high quality follow spot with an impressive output. It's CRI of 95 means it will provide a better quality output than any arc-lamp equivalent available. The 300W source, variable beam angle and integrated iris will make this a great solution for any venue requiring up to a 60' throw."

Utilizing the latest in LED technology and boasting an extensive feature set, the ADJ FS3000LED sets a new bar in terms of brightness, light quality, flexibility and affordability in the LED follow spot market. It is the ideal fixture for community and college theaters, as well as houses of worship and small-to-medium-sized professional auditoriums.

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