ADJ IP65-Rated Fixtures Chosen For Ambitious Christmas Tree Lightshow Project

55 ADJ IP65-rated entertainment lighting fixtures have been used to illuminate a huge Christmas tree created from scaffolding outside the headquarters of Franssen Groep in the Dutch town of Beneden Leeuwen. The huge 17-meter (55’) tall 3D structure is illuminated throughout by ADJ LED wash fixtures, while moving heads positioned at multiple levels shoot out beams far into the night sky when a lightshow synchronised with festive music plays each morning and evening.


Insulation and scaffolding company Franssen Groep has previously erected Christmas trees created from scaffolding outside its facility in The Netherlands. However, for 2021 – when the company is celebrating its 50th anniversary – its management decided to raise the bar by adding a programmed lightshow coordinated to a soundtrack of classic Christmas songs.

The Christmas tree structure is lit from each level and at various angles by 40 of ADJ’s 7P HEX IP LED par fixtures. With a robust metal construction, versatile dual hanging bracket, and IP65-rated weatherproof design, these compact wash units are ideal for all kinds of event lighting project. Each fixture offers a 25-degree beam angle and is powered by an arrangement of 7 x 12-Watt 6-in-1 HEX color LEDs, which combine red, green, blue, amber, white and UV LED elements to offer enhanced color mixing for the creation of a huge gamut of colors.

In addition, the structure is also illuminated from below by a pair of ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP LED panel fixtures. These IP65-rated multi-functional wash / blinder / color strobes are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They feature 32 of the same 12W HEX LEDs as the 7P HEX IPs, arranged into eight individually controlled zones. Each fixture offers a 24-degree standard beam angle and is supplied with a magnetic removable frame that can be used to add a diffusion filter to increase the beam angle if required. They have an all-metal, black housing and are fitted with a versatile mounting system that can be used as either a floor stand or hanging bracket.

Instead of the traditional baubles, the Franssen Groep Christmas tree is decorated with ADJ’s Hydro Beam X1 moving head fixtures. These are positioned in groups of three across four levels of the tree and are used to shoot out piercing beam effects into the night sky around the tree. An IP65-rated professional moving head beam fixture, the Hydro Beam X1 is powered by a 100W Osram Sirius HRI 6000-hour discharge lamp that produces a super sharp 3-degree beam. Its durable casing protects the fixture from dust, sand, moisture, and liquid, making it suitable for use on outdoor projects in any weather conditions. Packed with features, it offers 14 colors + open, 15 GOBOs + open, a 16-facet prism, a frost filter to create a wash effect and an inbuilt WiFLY EXR wireless DMX receiver.

Finally, the star on the top of this particular Christmas tree is an ADJ Hydro Beam X2 fixture. This large format moving head luminaire is powered by a highly efficient 370W LL Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp that produces a razor sharp 3-degree beam. It also offers an IP65 outdoor rating and a host of beam-shaping tools. These include an 8-facet linear prism, 8-facet circular prism, frost filter, motorized focus, 14 colors + open, WiFLY EXR wireless DMX, as well as rotating and replaceable GOBOs.

The combination of these 55 ADJ lighting fixtures makes for a truly epic lightshow which lights the tree structure in a myriad of vibrant colors as well as filling the air above with piercing aerial effects which can be seen from miles around. Lighting Designer Michael Willemsen was responsible for the overall concept, vision, and fixture placement of the lightshow, while Mike van den Bovenkamp of Bump-It Showcontrol carried out the programming. The lighting fixtures were supplied by local rental house Trend Productions, which is owned and managed by Adje van Veghel and has an extensive stock of ADJ equipment.

The awe-inspiring Franssen Groep Christmas tree lightshow is currently running at 7am each morning and then every half hour from 5pm until 8pm each evening. It is set to continue throughout the holiday season up until the second week of January.

Franssen Groep Christmas Tree Lightshow

Lighting Designer
Michael Willemsen

Mike van den Bovenkamp (Bump-It Showcontrol)

Rental Company
Trend Productions

Gear List
1 x Hydro Beam X2
12 x Hydro Beam X1
40 x 7P HEX IP
2 x 32 HEX Panel IP