ADJ Reunites With European Customers At First Prolight+Sound Frankfurt Tradeshow In Three Years

At the end of April, the Prolight+Sound industry tradeshow – which is the biggest of its kind in Europe – took place for the first time since 2019. The ADJ team took the opportunity to reunite with customers and industry colleagues in person as well as to launch 18 brand new professional lighting products. On display for the very first time were five new moving head luminaires, four of which were additions to ADJ’s innovative IP65-rated Hydro Series, alongside a range of new LED-powered wash fixtures.

Prolight+Sound 2022 took place at Messe Frankfurt from Tuesday April 26th thru Friday April 29th and attracted thousands of industry professionals from across Europe as well as many other countries around the world. As the first major international exhibition to take place since the global pandemic, it represented a positive step forward for the global entertainment technology industry. Attendance at the show was very good and the ADJ booth was busy throughout the four days, with many customers reconnecting with the ADJ team for the first time in two or three years. Many new potential customers also visited the stand to see for themselves the variety of new products that were on display.

Taking pride of place at the exhibition were four new additions to ADJ’s popular Hydro series of IP65-rated moving heads. Sitting proudly at the top of the expanded range, the Hydro Profile combines an immense 580-Watt LED engine that produces 25,000 Lumens, with an expansive feature set to offer a professional lighting powerhouse. Its beam can be precisely manipulated using a four-blade rotatable framing system, alongside motorized zoom (6 ~ 45 degrees), focus and iris, together with two frost filters. A CMY color mixing system, combined with a variable CTO flag and six slot replaceable color wheel, allow for exceptional versatility and creative freedom when it comes to color selection. Meanwhile, two GOBO wheels, two rotating prisms, and an animation wheel allow for the creation of an almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections.

Offering a compact and budget-friendly IP65-rated spot solution, the Hydro Spot 1 features a potent 200-Watt cool white LED and delivers punchy output which can be manipulated using an extensive collection of beam-shaping tools. These include motorized zoom (for a beam angle of 11° ~ 22°), motorized focus, two frost filters (light and heavy), two rotating prisms, six rotating and replaceable GOBOs, and two color wheels (each with eight options).

The larger Hydro Spot 2 model is powered by a potent 320-Watt cool white LED engine. It offers an impressive 15,000 Lumen output while featuring a wide variety of beam-shaping tools to provide lighting designers with a huge amount of creative potential. Its features include an animation wheel, motorized zoom (for a beam angle of 8° ~ 41°) and focus, two frost filters, CMY color mixing along with a variable CTO flag and independent color wheel, two GOBO wheels (one fixed, one rotating and replaceable), and two rotating prisms.

Finally, the new Hydro Beam X12 is designed to create stunning aerial effects, both inside and outdoors, combining lightning fast movement with the power of the latest Philips® Platinum 12R LL MSD Discharge Lamp technology. The light from this extremely efficient source is focused through high quality optics to create a piercing output with a tight 2-degree beam angle. This can then be manipulated by a variety of beam-shaping tools to generate a myriad of impressive effects. These features include 14 colors + white, 16 GOBOs + open, motorized focus, two rotating prisms, and a frost filter.

Also on display for the first time at Prolight+Sound 2022 was the new Focus Flex. This compact yet potent moving head offers lighting designers the creative flexibility of generating vibrant washes, punchy beams, and eye-catching pixel effects from one compact and quick automated luminaire. It features an array of seven powerful 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW color mixing LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently, together with a motorized zoom function which delivers a variable beam angle of between 4 and 32-degrees.

The show also saw the launch of four new additions to ADJ’s Encore Lime Par series of IP65-rated LED wash fixtures utilizing high output 4-in-1 color mixing LEDs that each include individually controllable red, green, blue and lime elements. The inclusion of the lime LED primary color boosts both CRI and perceived brightness as well as filling in gaps in the color spectrum. Each LED is rated at 20-Watts and in addition to a huge gamut of colors is capable of delivering white light with color temperature varying between 2700K and 7000K. A multifunction fixture, designed to be used interchangeably as a wash, strobe or blinder, the Encore LP32IP features 32 LEDs arranged in a 4 x 8 matrix and divided into 8 independently controllable zones. The complementary Encore LB15IP is a linear fixture featuring 15 LEDs, which can each be controlled independently. Meanwhile, the Encore Z7LP is a par fixture which combines 7 LEDs with a motorized zoom function offering a variable beam angle of between 5 and 50-degrees. Finally, the Encore LP5IP is the smallest fixture in the range, packing 5 LEDs into an extremely compact par fixture.

The Ultra LB18 was another new fixture displayed for the first time at Prolight+Sound 2022. It is a powerful and versatile linear LED wash, designed for permanent installation or temporary event use at indoor locations. It features 18 x 10-Watt 5-in-1 color mixing LEDs (red, green, blue, amber & lime) and has a beam angle of 17 x 40-degrees. The fixture is supplied with brackets that can be used to set it directly on the ground or attach a clamp for truss mounting and the ends are also magnetic to allow adjacent fixtures to be quickly and easily aligned.

Expanding ADJ’s popular COB Cannon series of LED-powered wide angle wash lights, the new COB Cannon LP200ST was also officially unveiled at the show. Featuring a high output 200-Watt COB (Chip On Board) 5-in-1 LED engine, it combines, in varying intensities, the independent red, green, blue, amber and lime LED elements that make up its light source to allow the creation of a huge spectrum of colors. A compact and versatile fixture with a high CRI, it offers a wide 80-degree native beam angle but is also supplied with both 40-degree and 50-degree lens options.

Finally, following the initial success of ADJ’s Encore FR Pro Color Fresnel, Prolight+Sound 2022 saw the launch of the new Encore FR Pro WW model. Offering the same 7” Fresnel lens as its sister product, the new version is powered by a potent 200-Watt warm white LED engine which delivers an impressive maximum output of 13,643 lumens. ADJ’s most potent LED-powered Fresnel to date, it offers a motorized zoom range of 10 to 37-degrees and is supplied with a gel frame and set of Barn Doors.

In addition to these brand-new products, ADJ’s booth at the show also showcased a variety of other fixtures for the first time at a major European trade show. These included ADJ’s Focus Profile fully-featured and LED-powered moving head framing profile and the Vizi Beam 12RX dedicated beam moving head. Also on display were the new Jolt Panel FX and Jolt Bar FX multifunctional wash / strobe / blinder fixtures, which each feature a central strip of 5W cool white SMD LEDs surrounded on both sides by arrays of 0.3W RGB SMD LEDs arranged into multiple independently controlled zones. Completing the product line-up, the Mirage Q6 PAK flight-cased set of IP65-rated, wirelessly controllable, battery-powered LED uplighters also attracted a lot of attention from visitors. 

“After a two-year break, the whole ADJ Europe team was excited to reunite with customers and industry friends at Prolight+Sound 2022,” enthuses ADJ’s European Sales Director, Sebastian Mobers, “and the show certainly didn’t disappoint. It was very well attended, and we were kept busy on the booth across the four days, meeting with both existing clients and new potential customers. The response to all the new products we had on display was overwhelmingly positive and they all look set to sell very well when they come into stock throughout the coming months.”