ADJ Lights Up Arena Plaza Stage At NAMM 2022

Located in a large open space on the Anaheim Convention Center Campus, between the arena and north hall, The ADJ Arena Plaza stage showcased an eclectic line-up of musical performers across three days. The stage hosted everything from bluegrass to rock and ska to blues, performed by solo artistes, duos, and full bands. Large crowds gathered at regular intervals throughout the convention to enjoy performances from a wide variety of both established and aspiring performers.

The lighting rig for the stage showcased ADJ's Hydro Wash X19 and Hydro Beam X1 IP65-rated moving head luminaires. The Hydro Wash X19 is an LED zoom wash featuring 19 x Osram 40W RGBW color mixing LEDs. With independently controllable LEDs and a zoom range of 6 ~ 40-degrees, this potent and versatile fixture can be used to create wide washes, tight beams and pixel-mapped ‘eye candy’ effects. The Hydro Beam X1, meanwhile, is a dedicated beam fixture which is compact and nimble. It is powered by a 100W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp and produces a razor-sharp output with a narrow 3-degree beam angle. Beam-shaping tools offered by the unit include 14 colors + open, 15 GOBOs + open, a 16-facet circular rotating prism and an independent frost filter.

The automated fixtures on the ADJ Arena Plaza Stage were paired with static Encore Burst 200 LED-powered twin cell blinders, which shone vibrantly even when competing with the Californian sun during the early afternoon. The lighting rig was completed by six 18P HEX IP LED pars, which provided front wash. Each of these IP65-rated fixtures offer a 25-degree beam angle and feature 18 x 12-Watt 6-in-1 color mixing LEDs, providing vibrant washes in a wide gamut of colors. Finally, the light beams were accentuated, and the atmosphere enhanced on stage, by a pair of ADJ’s Entourage touring grade faze machines.

Visuals for the stage were displayed on an screen comprised of ADJ Vision Series VS3IP LED panels. Each VS3IP features a 150 x 150 matrix of 3-in-1 SMD1921 LEDs, delivering a pixel pitch of  3.84mm (0.15”) for a pixel density of 67,816 per square meter. It offers an impressive maximum brightness of 4500 NITS with a contrast ratio of 5000:1, making it suitable for use outdoors, even during daylight hours. This was clearly demonstrated at NAMM with the screen vibrantly visible and clear even when the sun shone from a cloudless sky.

For its audio system, the stage showcased the impressive new Imperio Pro 'mini' line array system from Avante Audio. Two hangs of ten Imperio Pro array modules provided the main PA, while two additional hangs of eight Imperio modules were used for delay towers. Low frequency was covered by twenty-four A18S active sub cabinets arranged in a cardioid configuration along the front of the stage, while four additional Imperio SUB210 cabinets were located at the delay position. In addition, Achromic Series A12 speakers served as wedges providing foldback to the performers on stage.

“The Arena Plaza Stage at NAMM 2022 was the perfect showcase of what ADJ has to offer today: a full AVL solution,” explains Alfred Gonzales, ADJ’s National Sales Manager. “All the lighting fixtures used were IP-rated, so ideal for outdoor stages like this. They performed flawlessly, despite the heat, and added to the look of the stage even with the sun shining brightly. The VS3IP is also ideally suited for outdoor stages, as was demonstrated here. Its extremely high brightness will contend with even full daylight and it’s IP rating means that it can be relied on to operate safely and reliably in any weather. However, it was arguably the audio system that turned the most heads throughout the three-day show. A steady stream of visitors had to do a double take when they heard the incredible sound generated by the extremely compact Avante Audio Imperio Pro mini line array system.”

Highlights of the ADJ Arena Plaza Stage included Los Angeles’ own Mariachi Sol de México de Jóse Hernàndez and Americana rockers Rose’s Pawn Shop, experimental ska outfit Big Fat Meanies from Lancaster, PA and internationally acclaimed accordionist Cory Pesaturo performing together with fiddle virtuoso Mari Black. However, the show was arguably stolen by Youthanize, an ‘80s / classic rock cover band made up of young musicians aged between 12 and 16. Despite their tender ages, the band members perform liked seasoned pros and commanded the stage at NAMM with seeming ease, drawing and maintaining a sizeable crowd.


Gear List

6 x ADJ Hydro Beam X1
4 x ADJ Hydro Wash X1
94 x Encore Burst 200
6 x 18P HEX IP
2 x Entourage

15 x VS3IP

20 x Imperio Pro
24 x A18S
16 x Imperio
4 x Imperio SUB210
9 x Avante Audio Achromic A12