Zooming Into Stock: ADJ’s Encore Z7 LP Lime-Infused LED Par With Motorized Zoom Is Available Now

Rounding out the Encore Lime Par Series of wash fixtures, which utilize high CRI lime-infused 4-in-1 color mixing LEDs, ADJ is pleased to introduce the Encore Z7 LP. This compact and versatile professional LED par fixture offers a host of useful features, including motorized zoom, a wide palette of vibrant colors and tunable white light color temperature control.

The Encore Z7 LP’s light source comprises seven high output 4-in-1 color mixing LEDs that include individually controllable red, green, blue and lime elements. Each LED is rated at 20-Watts, allowing the fixture to deliver a soft-edged wash with 2500 lumens of total output. Inclusion of the Lime LED element boosts CRI and perceived brightness as well as filling in gaps in the color spectrum. The unit’s overall CRI is 84, while its CRI R9 measures at 76.6, indicating that the fixture will render colors more accurately when used to illuminate scenery, décor, or performers, which is particularly important to ensure natural skin tones and enhanced depth.

A wide variety of color options are offered by the fixture, achieved through mixing the four primary colors at varying levels of intensity. These include white light with a variable color temperature of 2700K to 7000K, which can be easily selected using either linear control or one of 5 preset macros (2700K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K and 6500K). 16-Bit fine control over the four primary LED elements allows for a huge variety of color possibilities, while 64 built-in macros facilitate easy selection of popular options.

The motorized zoom function allows its beam angle to be adjusted remotely via DMX between a concise 5-degrees and a wide 50-degrees. This means that the fixture can be easily utilized both to create a tight pool of light or broad wash, even switching between the two for different scenes of the same production. Linear zoom control allows the beam angle to be set anywhere within its range, while 5 preset macros (5, 6, 10, 30, 40 and 50-degrees) allow quick and easy selection of popular setting.

DMX addressing, as well as mode selection and configuration of the unit’s operating parameters, is facilitated via a 16-character backlit display with four corresponding push buttons located on the rear panel. This provides a menu-driven interface which is simple to navigate, making the fixture easy to setup for different applications and user preferences. A choice of six DMX channel modes (6, 9, 10, 12, 15 & 18) are offered, depending on the level of control required. In addition to the menu interface, the DMX address and channel mode can also be set remotely via the RDM protocol using a compatible control system.

5-pin DMX input and output sockets are located on the rear of the fixture, while it is also equipped with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR extended range wireless DMX technology, allowing it to receive a DMX signal without a cable from a compatible WiFLY transmitter or another WiFLY-equipped fixture over a distance of up to 700m (line of sight).

For use without DMX, full color mixing and zoom control, as well as selection of all the unit’s macros, can be accessed directly from the menu interface to setup standalone looks. The fixture is also supplied preprogrammed with seven automated programs, which can be selected from the menu with custom chase speed and fade time. In both of these modes, multiple units can be linked together using DMX cable in a primary/secondary configuration where color or mode selections chosen on the primary fixture will be replicated on one or more secondary fixtures.

The Encore Z7 LP offers six selectable dimming modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre and Stage 2), four selectable dimming curves (Linear, Square, Inverse Square, and S-Curve), 14 LED refresh rate options (ranging from 900Hz to 25KHz), variable dimming speed (from 0.1 – 10 seconds) and three fan speed options (auto, high, or silent). All these settings can be configured either from the menu display or remotely via DMX, with the exception of fan speed which must be set using the menu interface.

With a robust, all metal casing, the Encore Z7 LP is designed for use in professional entertainment lighting environments. It is ideal for rental houses, production companies and event professionals, as well as for installation in all kinds of performance spaces and entertainment venues, including theatres, concert halls and churches. A variable angle scissor yoke, which can be used either as a floor stand or hanging bracket, is supplied with the fixture and a set of metal barn doors for directing the light output are available as an optional accessory.

Despite its sturdy construction, the Encore Z7 LP’s compact dimensions of 220 x 160 x 242mm (L x W x H) ensure that it is an easily transportable fixture, with a weight of just 6.9 kgs. Power is supplied to the device via a standard locking connector, while a corresponding output socket allows the supply for multiple units to be daisy-chained from a single power outlet.

“Combining the color mixing potential and high CRI of a lime-infused LED light source with the flexibility of motorized zoom, the new Encore Z7 LP is a truly versatile par fixture,” comments ADJ Europe’s Sales Director, Sebastian Mobers. “Its powerful 4-in-1 red, green, blue and lime color mixing LEDs allow the creation of a wide spectrum of vibrant shades and hues, while its wide beam angle range of 5 to 50-degrees allows it to generate both wide washes and narrow beams as well as automated zooming effects. In addition, convenient linear color mixing and macro presets for both the full color spectrum and white light color temperatures make programming the fixture simple and intuitive. This rich combination of features make it an attractive option both for the production/rental market and for integration projects.”

The Encore Z7 LP is shipping now from ADJ distributors and dealers worldwide.

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