Code: 1621000099


The TRU1PCOA is a 1ft/30cm, 12AWG, IP20 rated IP65 Locking Power to standard Locking Power output power adapter. This adapter was designed for production use and for those who already own standard Locking Power cables and extensions who aren't ready to invest into IP65 Locking Power cables and extensions. The TRU1PCOA adapter can be used at your fixtures power output side while using your standard Locking Power cables for all other power connections. The TRU1PCOA consists of (1) Male IP65 Locking Power NAC3MX-W (1) White Locking Power (NAC3MPB-1) cable mount connector and a clear heat shrinkable sleeve so each unit can labeled. The IP65 Locking Power is a locking connector with breaking capacity (CBC), i.e. it can be connected or disconnected under live load. The standard Locking Power is a connector without breaking capacity, i.e. the standard Locking Power should not be connected or disconnected under load or live!


- 1ft/30cm long end to end

- 12AWG cable

- IP20

- 20A @120VAC; 16A @250VAC

- Easy and reliable locking system

- Extremely robust and durable

- UL recognized components