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The affordable new Versa Mix from American Audio is the perfect MP3 Mixing Software Kit for the everyday DJ who doesn`t hold a degree in computer science. The user-friendly kit includes Versa Mix software, a USB monitor output device and a set of American Audio`s high-quality HP-500 headphones - everything a DJ needs to get started in the exciting realm of MP3 mixing programs.

Versa Mix lets you carry your entire music library on your computer, so you can say goodbye to the days of lugging around and sorting through hundreds of CDs. With just one click, you can scan all of your music recordings directly into the program. Later, when you get to the gig and the requests start pouring in, you can perform fast and easy music searches by artist, album, tempo (BPM), year or genre. All that`s required of the user is a personal computer set up to run Widows XP or Windows Vista.

The professional features of Versa Mix include a Crossfader for smooth transitions from track to track, Seamless Loop capability for cycling any groove, Master Tempo control for locking the beats in sync and an authentic-sounding turntable Scratch effect. The highly versatile program also includes 5 Hot Starts, Key Control, Pitch Control, Auto BPM and Auto Mixing.

A built-in mixer/dual CD design makes Versa Mix easy to operate right out of the box. DJs can operate the internal mixer via their computer mouse and hot keys. Or, for a more intuitive feel, you can plug Versa Mix into virtually any regular DJ mixer. It is fully compatible with USB 1.0 to 2.0, and works with most built-in sound cards without needing a separate driver.

MP3 Mixing Software Kit

Kit Includes:

- Versa Mix software, USB device for monitor output & HP-500 Headphones
- Fully compatible with most built-in sound cards
- MP3 Mixing Software - Built in Mixer/ Dual CD Design
- Features: Crossfader, Seamless Loop, Master Tempo, Simple Scratch Effect
- Plug and play: no driver needed to use the audio soundcard
- Compatible USB 1.0 to 2.0
- OS Minimum requirement: Windows XP, Windows Vista