ADJ Lighting at 5th of May Liberation Festival

ADJ Fixtures Illuminate Stage For Dutch Liberation Celebration


On 5th May 1945 the Netherlands was liberated from the Nazis. Initially the date was marked every five years with a celebration of liberation, but in 1990 May 5th was designated an annual national holiday in the Netherlands. The day is now commemorated by celebrations across the country, including music festivals held in one of the major cities of each of the Netherland’s 12 provinces. In Limburg, the festival is hosted in the city of Roermond and ADJ lighting was used to provide eye candy effects and illumination for one of the principle stages.

A historic city, that was established over 700 years ago, Roermond has a large, and architecturally-impressive, market square which provided the location for the festivities. A number of stages were erected around the square to allow a continuous program of musical performances to run from early afternoon right through until just before midnight. The line-up included a variety of high-profile Dutch pop stars, rock bands, and hip-hop performers, including Jett Rebel, The State, Stavast, Mr. Polska, Lotte Walda, Lil MG, and Gallowstreet.

For the SENA Stage, which featured a predominantly rock-focused line-up, production company Xymio decided to use 10 of ADJ’s Inno Color Beam Quad7 LED-powered moving head beam fixtures. 6 of these units were arranged evenly spaced out along a truss running across the back of the stage’s roof and were used to backlight performers with richly-saturated color washes. The remaining 4 fixtures were rigged to metal pipes mounted to two truss totems. Each totem had two pipes, one positioned at the top and another located half way down, and one fixture was mounted to each of the four pipes. The totems were positioned at the back of the stage, at either side of the drum riser, allowing the beams from the Inno Color Beam Quad7s to sweep across the stage behind the acts on stage.

The other side of the totem pipes were then used to mount four of ADJ’s Dotz Matrix panels, while a further four panels were rigged from a truss hanging above. These innovative fixtures feature a 4 x 4 arrangement of potent 30W tri-color COB LEDs that can be used as a wash or blinder effect. For the SENA stage, their pixel-mapping capabilities were utilized providing eye-candy backgrounds for the performers as well as strobe and blinder effects for the more intense moments.

A number of Martin Professional Rush MH3 Beam fixtures were also used as part of the stage’s lighting rig, and both the ADJ Inno Color Beam Quad7 and ADJ Dotz Matrix panels were more than capable of standing their ground with those lamp-powered fixtures. The light output from both fixture types was more than enough to punch through onstage, while the Inno Color Beam Quad7s also had no problem keeping up with the other fixtures in terms of movement.

The headlining act for the SENA Stage was Dutch rock outfit The Ten Bells who draw influence from English rockers The Arctic Monkeys and American rock band Eagles of Death Metal. By the time they took to the stage in the evening the sun had begun to set in Roermond, which meant that the ADJ lighting was able to shine to its full potential. The band performed to a large, enthusiast crowd backed by intense beams of moving light from the Inno Color Beam Quad7s as well as eye-catching patterns and intense blinder effects from the Dotz Matrix panels.

The 2017 5th of May Liberation Festival Limburg was a huge success, with a big crowd enjoying an eclectic line-up of performers and bands throughout the afternoon and on into the evening. On the SENA stage the ADJ lighting performed flawlessly, providing color washes and eye-candy effects even during daylight hours, but then really bringing the stage alive after dark as The Ten Bells closed the stage with an energetic performance that was truly show-stopping.


5 Mei Bevrijdingsfestival Limburg [NL] (5th of May Liberation Festival Limburg [Netherlands])

SENA Stage Headline Band (Pictured)
The Ten Bells

Production Company

Geleen, The Netherlands

Production Leader
Luc Detische

Lighting Designer
Len Voeten

Lighting Operator
Maurice Verbeek

Band Lighting Operator
Dennis Bruynseels

Kyra Media Design

ADJ Gear List:
10 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Quad7
8 x ADJ Dotz Matrix


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